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How long can I use my Hexgears wireless mechanical keyboard to connect my device?
In 2.4G mode and with the backlight turned off, Hexgears wireless mechanical keyboards are up to 115 hours of continuous operating time on a full charge. And when backlight is turned on, the continuous operating time will be 12.7 hours. The operating current data allows a 20% error to occur. Hexgears keyboards also have a battery life of up to 300 hours (based on working 8 hours a day with LED lights off).
Can I use another USB-C cable other than the one provided by Hexgears to connect my keyboard and device?
Yes, any cables designed according to the standard USB protocol can be used to connect Hexgears keyboard to your device.
Do all series of Hexgears keyboards support custom keys?
Sorry, for now all the Hexgears keyboards do not support custom keys. And only Soda68 series keyboards can be customized by players for key combinations, macro, media, mouse and lighting.
How long does it take to fully charge the keyboard?
The keyboard's battery will be fully charged after 2-5 hours in wired mode.
Will Hexgears keyboard automatically power off?
Yes, If you put the keyboard aside without any operation, it will automatically cut off the power temporarily after 5 minutes. By the next time you click the keyboard, it will automatically turn on the power again.
How to use the discount code?
After picking your favorite Hexgears keyboard, the website will turn to the checkout page. When you find that you need to fill in your address information, a blank space where you can add a discount code will appear on the right side of the PC side or below the mobile phone side. (If it says "Below coupon codes are unavailable", please delete that code. If it says "Discount codes exceed quantity limit", please reserve only one coupon code for your order)
When I'm using my Hexgears keyboard, the FN key/Windows key keeps flashing. Why?
If the FN key keeps flashing in the wired mode, it means your keyboard is charging. If it is wireless, it means your keyboard is running out of power. If the Windows key is flashing, you may press the combination key which can lock your Windows key. Please press FN + Windows again to unlock it.
Why does my Hexgears keyboard not connect to my device wirelessly? But the wired mode works well.
Firstly, check your USB port. If it is faulty, use another port that works properly. Secondly, if your USB port doesn't have any problems, press FN+ESC to reset the keyboard to the original factory settings in wired mode. Then unplug the cable and press FN+P for 3 seconds. When the Num Lock indicator blinks, plug the USB receiver in. If the match is successful, the indicator will no longer blink and the 2.4G mode can be used normally. If neither of the above methods works, please contact us.
Can I use the charger of my phone or other devices to charge the keyboard?
Hexgears mechanical keyboard is designed based on the standard USB protocol, so the charging voltage is 5V. We recommend using the computer's USB port for charging. It cannot be charged by using a device with more than 5V.