Key Suppliers

As the most critical components for a keyboard, mechanical switches in every Hexgears keyboard must withstand challenges. Our purchasing team has traveled around the Asia-Pacific region, where 99.99% of mechanical switches in the world are manufactured, to find out the best switches and suppliers that we can trust. Kailh Electronics is the candidate who matches our demands at most. There are two major reasons, that we decided to build our keyboards with a single switch supplier. One is for quality control reasons, which can be much easier and more efficient if we can focus on one responsible company or even one certain person. Two is the higher priority of supplement, which comfortable access to get new products, even custom products.

Besides the sustainable delivery of high quality, Kailh has also brought us a lot of innovative and world-first products to their keyboard switches family, such as the IP56 certified water- and dustproof Kailh Box Switch, the low-profile Choc switch, the gorgeous Sun switch, and many others. As a close working partner, Hexgears will continue launching more premium keyboards and custom switches alone with Kailh in the future.







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